BOBRISKY: Perfect History, County Of Beginnings, Net-worth And Throwback Photographs Of Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju A.K.A Bobrisky

BOBRISKY: Perfect History, County Of Beginnings, Net-worth And Throwback Photographs Of Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju A.K.A Bobrisky

is actually BOBRISKY A GAY?

It’s already been a trending concern throughout the spots so far, whether Bobrisky are a gay or not. No actually(cos wen’t viewed your with any gay functions besides lightening, and attempting to become a lady), but from that which was collected, Bobrisky when boasted they are a gay(full resources below).


Bobrisky happens to be into more tending Nigeria Snapchat king whom normally comes alot of opinions on their Snapchat video went to Unilag(college Of Lagos) where he studied accounting.


Yeah! Bobrisky might presented on Wikipedia. Nevertheless, considerably reasons for him wasn’t disclosed much around.

COMPLETE Biography, History, Group, Condition Of Source, Birth And Throwback Photos Of Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju A.K.A Bobrisky

Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju A.K.A Bobrisky is actually a well known Snapchat barbie/personel produced in 1992 in Ebute Metta, Lagos where he attended additional college at Kingaˆ™s school and finished from Lagos State University(UNILAG) where the guy read accounting.

Bobrisky provides a very rich Muslim history, wherefore his mothers tend to be devoted Muslims exactly who never ever jokes with their praying hours(5 era in a day). Unlike their parent, Bobrisky choose to be a Christian, citing anxiety as their reason for disregarding his parentaˆ™s religion. Although, we canaˆ™t evaluate just how close he’s with faith once we couldnaˆ™t obtain the name regarding the chapel the guy attends because the guy held that through the media.

Ahead of his complexion transformation, the Snapchat celebrityaˆ™s facial skin colour got just like dark colored since many Nigerians until the guy instantly turns snow-white aˆ“ kudos to their bleaching cream knowledge. According to your, it actually was a company plan. This step instantly forced him inside limelight via social media and he gained both haters and admirers on top of that. Bobrisky are a businessman from Ogun county, just who today lives in Lekki, Lagos. He deals on lightening ointment and intentions to become a big competitors of Dencia Whitenicious. The guy doesn’t value the rumours about their sexuality or spend time firing straight back at experts as soon as published on his fb web page that as much as he could be checking his hundreds of thousands in addition to helping group, having to pay their tithes for the Lord, he is entirely great. However, everyone thinks he’s homosexual as he continues to point out his mystical sweetheart that has been his recruit. Bobrisky has been trending on Snapchat for months now and it has nothing under 22,000 horizon day-after-day, specifically with his enthusiasts always attempting to discover which the bae are. His secret bae, exactly who he promises is actually Africaaˆ™s 4th richest guy, reportedly offered him N7 million and a Benz. The girly man uploaded photos from the funds after cashing it through the financial. The puzzle bae also intentions to bring Bobrisky a house next to Linda Ikeji at Banana isle. What a bae! Bobrisky is popular as a fashionista, exactly who wants to talk filthy and content lewd kinds of material, however, their followers love your yet. Not surprisingly, Bobrisky is during his mid-twenties and obviously gay.

Many feel heaˆ™s got all it takes provide Bisi Alimi aˆ“ a popular Nigerian gay legal rights activist aˆ“ an operate for his cash, for the reason that his charming build and complexion.

The guy turned acknowledged by are extremely questionable on social media. Bobrisky surely could assemble people to their Snapchat accounts when he stated he’d a partner who’s presumed to-be of masculine sex in spite of the Nigerian structure when this occurs over time which generated these types of same sex affairs an offence punishable by offering 14 age in a penitentiary.

Bobrisky, by virtue of his fictional character introduced inside Nigerian society a set of ethics and morals that are not aimed making use of the Norm (social) associated with nation Nigeria as therefore, he has come obtained with blended ideas as he features a good quantity of followers and experts as well. On a notable event, a Nigerian presidential guide for reasons most widely known to your, strolled from sight of Bobrisky on abode. Bobrisky however, as previously mentioned above does without a doubt posses their great amount of followers and so, has become questioned by certain celebration planners in the future offer a speech at their unique occasions.

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